LIG Nex1 seals global defense ties at Seoul ADEX 2023

South Korean missile defense systems provider LIG Nex1 said Wednesday it had inked a series of collaborative ties with several global defense and aerospace leaders at the Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition, or Seoul ADEX 2023.

The agreements are intended to bolster the company's international presence and spur innovation in missile technology, avionics and space exploration.

During the Seoul ADEX held from Tuesday to Sunday, LIG Nex1 is showcasing a slew of innovations. Notable among them are the domestically produced Korean Air Launched Cruise Missile, the jamming-resistant Korean GPS Guided Bomb and the state-of-the-art FA-50 radar system.

On its opening day, LIG Nex1 announced a technology exchange initiative with Indonesia's state-led military equipment manufacturer, Republikorp. The accord mainly focuses on exchanging technologies for the Raybolt short Anti-Tank Guided Munition Systems project that aims to enhance missile capabilities targeting armored threats. The project amounts to about $26 million.

“This partnership with LIG Nex1 is instrumental in bolstering our own capacity to produce sophisticated military equipment,” said a spokesperson from Republikorp who attended the exhibition.

European defense companies have engaged in multiple memorandums of understanding with LIG Nex1. On Tuesday, an agreement with Taurus Systems, a German-Swedish missile maker, was finalized to co-develop an upgraded Taurus KEPD 350K-2 air-to-ground cruise missile. Designed to be launched from the air to strike terrestrial targets, the missile’s specifications will be tailored to match the FA-50 light fighter's export needs.

A subsequent agreement signed Wednesday with French aerospace titan Airbus Defense & Space will see LIG Nex1 diving deeper into satellite services, aeronautics and advanced air defense domains. This partnership is poised to elevate LIG Nex1's satellite research, especially with the dawning of the new space era and South Korea's increasing participation in civilian space development.

LIG Nex1 also secured an agreement with Germany's Diehl Defense for the local manufacture and maintenance of the IRIS-T missile, a system compatible with South Korea's indigenous KF-21 Boramae supersonic fighter jet.

Another significant memorandum of understanding signed with Northrop Grumman, a distinguished American aerospace powerhouse, aims to break new ground in avionics, electronic warfare techniques and enhanced surveillance applications.

“LIG Nex1's objective is to uplift Korea's next-gen defense capabilities. Cooperating with conglomerates like Northrop Grumman, renowned for its command and airborne battlefield management expertise, reinforces this goal,” said LIG Nex1 CEO Kim Ji-chan.

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